Heat advisory

I was walking with my mom in a hot, crowded parking lot a couple of days ago when I heard muffled cries for help.  Then I looked into a car window and saw another bear inside.
“Help…hot…hot…” he said.  He looked very uncomfortable inside the car as the windows were all rolled up.
Then I looked closer and saw that he could not unfasten his seat belt – perhaps it was stuck.  It must be so hot inside that car, I thought.  I had to get him out!
I pulled on the car door handle with all of my weight, but nothing happened.
“Hot…so hot…” I heard him say.
ERGHHHH!!  I gave the door an extra hard yank and it opened.  I felt waves of scorching heat as I scrambled inside to get him to safety.
“Phew!  Thanks for getting me out, buddy.  My name is Blue Bear.”
“I’m Ajdin,” I said.  We shook paws, then went for some nice cold smoothies.
Please remember that bears and non-bears should never be left in a hot car.  Keep cool this summer!



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