Mail from a mouse

A few days ago, my mom handed me several packages that I received in the mail.  Wow, look at all this stuff!  And it is all from the same mouse, the one and only Beanie Mouse.
The first piece of mail was a postcard from Paris.  I have never been to Paris before but hopefully I will get to go there one day.
The second item was a refrigerator magnet that I won from Beanie’s Tombola giveaway.  Beary cool.
The third package, and the heaviest of them all, was a bunch of cards that I won from Beanie’s Found Art raffle!  I have never won anything before so I was beary excited.  Look at all this creativity.  I will have to think of a way to get these cards “lost” in my part of the world.
Everything looks really nice on the refrigerator.  Thank you beary much Beanie! 



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