Hello there!  Today I am going to show you how to do some cloudspotting.  Cloudspotting is something that not many bears and non-bears do nowadays.  It requires your full attention and imagination.  So please turn off your phone, tablet, or computer and go outside.  Find a nice, comfortable spot on the grass to lie down (bring a blanket or pillow if you want to be extra comfy).

Let’s start off with a nice, clean canvas.  Ahh, just look at how clear and blue the sky is.  Take a deep breath and relax.  This will help you spot some interesting clouds.

Aha!  Here we have a baby cloud.  Not very impressive, you say?  Well, we’re just getting started.  Remember, you have to be beary patient when cloudspotting.  Don’t force it – there is nothing you can do to change it anyways – but simply let the clouds come and go.
Cloud activity is picking up, as you can see here.  Keep your eyes open and let your imagination run wild.
I have a feeling we will find something interesting soon…
Now this is beary interesting!  I see… I see…two…two bumblebees!  Do you see them?
Here’s a hint…
Happy cloudspotting!



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