Arts and crafts store

Recently my mom took me on a shopping trip to one of her favorite places – the arts and crafts store.  Hmm… so this is where she likes to spend her money.  There were so many beary interesting things.  I started to get all sorts of ideas for things to make.
Look at all these beads…

And these crayons and markers.  I’ve been good lately.  I think I deserve a new box of crayons, don’t you?

This is a paper bear mask if you want to pretend you are a bear.  I don’t think I need one.

I found more decorations for my bee magnets.

Oh this looks like a fun shelf.  Do you see the birdhouses?  Maybe I can make some bird friends this way.

Even more beads!  This is beary fun.  I like this store a lot.

I also found a rocking chair just my size!  Maybe next time my mom will get it for me.

Do you like arts and crafts?


  1. We have a store like that up here too!! It is a beary bad store… too many cool things in it! Mama used to do scrapbooking but gave that up a while ago… Maybe you should ask Beanie if you could be put on the Traveling Art Book list!!

  2. Ajdin, I like that rocking chair. It looked like there was a big one next to it, perhaps for Uncle Tibbs? Those bird houses look cool – I have a hummingbird feeder at my roommates house but we haven't gotten many hummingbirds this year – sigh


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