Build-a-Bear Workshop

Now, I started to walk another few blocks and then I saw a beary interesting store…

It was the Build-a-Bear Workshop!  I have heard about this beary famous place but I have never been there before.  My little heart was beating with excitement.  When I walked into the store, I was greeted by several friendly people.  They all said I was beary cute.  I was treated like a king.  I wish all stores were this welcoming to little bears.
I saw other bears there and decided to introduce myself.  “Hello there,” I said.  There was no response.  Hmm.  Maybe this one was taking a nap.
I approached another bear.  “I’m Ajdin, nice to meet you,” I said, extending my paw for a pawshake.  He also did not move.  How strange!  
I looked around and realized that none of the stuffies were moving.  All of them were flat like a pancake and equally unresponsive.  I immediately administered CPR.
Then I saw a sign.  FLUFF ME.  Ahhh, everything makes sense now.  These stuffies have not been fluffed yet.
This is the fluffing machine.  Inside it contains heart stuff and constantly tumbles around to keep everything nice and fluffy.
Then I saw an open heart surgery taking place (don’t worry, the bear was under honeythesia).  This nice surgeon asked if I would like to be restuffed or if I wanted extra curves in some places.  A quick glance in a nearby mirror confirmed that I was still not quite beach body ready.
“Thanks,” I said, “but I like myself just the way I am.”
These are some beating heart “pacemakers” that some stuffies have inside of them.
I made a new friend.  This is Phil.  He’s a punk rocker about to go on tour with his band.  He had some tattoos on his feet.  I asked my mom if I could get some tattoos also but she said no.
Phil explained that there are computers to help new stuffies decide on a name.  You can also print out a bearth certificate.
Look at all these cool clothes.
Even more clothes!  Maybe I will be able to finally find some pants.
Howdy!  How do I look in this hat?
Or perhaps a black leather motorcycle jacket?  Complete with a motorcycle!   VROOM VROOM…
I also saw some military bears including a Navy SEAL (Salmon Exploration And Location).  He said they also have a unit called the Navy BEARs (Beehive Exploration and Reconnaisance).  How handsome a bear in uniform looks.  “Thank you for serving our country,” I said.  I gave them a salute.
“Roger that!” they responded.
Perhaps I could join the Bearines also?
Then I saw a New Yorker bear.  “LIBEARTY AND JUSTICE FUR ALL!” he proclaimed.
I went to the dressing room and started trying on some outfits.  There were so many outfits to choose from.  Which one was I going to get?  And would I finally put on a pair of pants?


  1. Meh, pants on bears are highly overrated. But I'm sure you'd rock any of the outfits there. It's a neat store, and I'm so glad you got to wander around. I can't wait to see the continuation and see what you brought home! Did you get a motorcycle? Do tell!

    – Miri

  2. I am so beary jealous!! I've been in that store but, like Jerry & Ben said… us little bears don't fit those clothes… You would look super dashing in a uniform! Pants are helpful when you are picking blackberries or wandering through a patch of stinging nettles… in case that ever happens to you…


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