My new outfit


After trying on several outfits at the Build-A-Bear store, I finally found something that I liked.  My mom bought it for me and we took it home.  I guess I should model it for you.

But I have to take off my shirt first.  Ungh, my head is too big and my arms are stuck.
Okay, now I am naked like Uncle Tibbs.
“I heard that, Ajdin,” he said.
Now I will put one sleeve on…
…then the other…
…then I fasten this little red kerchief in front…
…and there you have it!  This is my bear cub scout uniform – I am joining the cub scouts.  It has two little pockets in front which are great for storing honey packets and small fish.  It also has a paw print patch on the left hand side.  I like it beary much.
So… did you think I was going to get pants?  I think it’s a big change to go from no pants to pants.  I personally like the freedom I have with no pants, but maybe I will try them one day.



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