Recently, Uncle Tibbs and I had the pleasure of babysitting.  It was my first time babysitting.

“Babies are fun to play with, Ajdin,” he said, “but babysitting is also a beary tough job.”

“Uncle Tibbs, I’m sure it can’t be that difficult,” I said.  “How hard can it be?”  I waved hello to the baby.

She immediately took an interest in me and picked me up.

I could tell she liked me beary much.

“Uncle Tibbs,” I asked, “is this how you are supposed to babysit?”  She threw me around by the ear.

“You’re doing great, Ajdin!” Uncle Tibbs cheered.  “Keep it up!”

And then she did some sort of wrestling move on me.  It was beary painful.

I noticed she had a beary strong grip.  A beary strong one indeed.

And finally she flipped me over again.

Then the baby became tired and went upstairs to take a nap.  I sighed in relief.

“So Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs asked, “how did you like babysitting?”

“You’re right, Uncle Tibbs.  Babysitting is a beary tough job,” I said.  “I think I’ve had enough babysitting for a while.”



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