Today my mom asked me to go check the mailbox.  I wonder if we got any mail.

I opened the mailbox and looked inside.  Bills for my mom, more bills for mom, even more bills for my mom, and an assortment of junk mail. Pretty boring stuff if you ask me.
Oh!  Wait a second… I think I see something else in here.  I stuck my head in and gave the envelopes a strong yank.
WHOOSH!!!  Everything came out and toppled over me all at once.
There was indeed something for me!
This package is from Jerry and Ben.  They recently vacationed in Minnesota and sent a cool map, postcard, temporary tattoo which I shall attempt to stick on my mom, and a nice note.
And look – another postcard from Jerry and Ben.  This little guy is climbing a tree looking for honey, there’s no doubt about it.
And finally, a postcard from Little Fox of grizzzzzzzzly bears.  I think these might be my relatives, what do you think?
Thanks for the cards guys!  I’m beary glad everyone is taking some relaxing summer trips.  Don’t forget to bring your sekrebeary along also – they work hard during the year you know.



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