Road trip


There was a lot of commotion going on in our house these past few days.  My mom was busy packing a suitcase and buying snacks (always beary important).  Then she said to pack my things and hop in the car.  We were going on a road trip.  As for the destination, I wasn’t sure what it was.  Sometimes I guess you can never be truly sure where you are going, but as long as you enjoy the journey that is what matters.

I guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy the scenery.  It is beary pretty.  Maybe some music would be nice also.  I’ll just turn on the radio to some nice classical music.

(My mom scolded me after I took this video and told me to “come down from there and buckle up.”)


  1. Your ride looked beary relaxing, I can't beleve how few cars were on the road wtih you, maybe you are going somewhere beary unique and special that only a few people know about….Periodically, other drivers see me in the passenger seat, usually I try to wave. Most are friendly and wave back but some just stare.

    By the way, what kind of snacks did you get?


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