I admit that I have been snacking a bit more than usual lately, and since we are right in the middle of the summer, I decided to workout a little bit and get in shape for the beach.  Let’s start with the weigh-in.

I am cringing at the number… looks like I’m at quarter of a pound.  I hope to tone up a bit.

You should always start with some light cardio to get your muscles warmed up.  I rode the bicycle for a few minutes.
Then I did some jogging on the treadmill.

Make sure you start off at a speed that is comfortable because you don’t want to — WHOA!!! — fall off.

Time for some weight lifting.  These big dumbbells look beary heavy.  I think I will start with the lightest at 5 pounds.

ERGH…UNGH…  even the lightest dumbbell is too heavy for me.  I bet Uncle Tibbs can lift the heavy ones.

Time to cool down on the exercise ball.

And then a swim!  This was a great workout.  Now time for a snack.


  1. Good for you exercising but then snacking afterwards. That's fair. I don't believe you did the bike, your legs don't reach the peddles. I should exercise because I was given a packet of Tim Tams at the last party.


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