Wrestling match

This morning I heard some loud, thundering noises coming from the living room.  BOOM BOOM BOOM!  As I got closer, I felt the ground shake.  It was Uncle Tibbs and King Kong.

“Oh hello, Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs greeted me.  “Kong and I were practicing some wrestling moves just now.  We could use your help actually.”

“Yes,” Kong continued.  “You can be the referee.”

“Alright,” I said.  I had never been the referee before.  “Ready…set….GO!”

I made sure to stay a safe distance away from the two giants.  I did not want to be squashed.

This looks like it’s going to be a close match.

Kong put Uncle Tibbs into a headlock.

But then Uncle Tibbs countered with a bear hug.

Kong got out of the bear hug and sat on Uncle Tibbs.
“Uncle Tibbs, are you alright?” I asked.
“Yes…ERGH…I’m…fine…don’t…worry…UNGHHH,” he said.

They continued to wrestle.  It was the first time I had ever seen a bear-gorilla wrestling match.

Suddenly they both stopped.
“Is that…a banana?” Kong asked.
“Is that…a jar of honey?” Uncle Tibbs asked.
“Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs said, “why don’t you call the match a draw?  I think we could use a break.”
“Yes,” Kong added.  “A break with bananas and honey.”
Bananas and honey?  That sounds beary good to me.


  1. You are clearly a good referee Ajdin. I am curious, Kong got a banana and Uncle Tibbs got some honey, what did you get for your reward for being a fair and honest ref?

    What did Ms. Daisy have to say about Arthur…err Uncle Tibbs wrestling?

    • I got a banana split with honey on top. It was beary good. My mom says I have to watch out for my sugar intake.

      Ms. Daisy is a 6th degree black belt in judo and actually taught Uncle Tibbs some wrestling moves. Looks are beary deceiving, aren't they?

  2. Hmmm… it seems like that wrestling match could have gone on for ages… good idea to strategically place those refreshments for the wrestlers! Ms. Daisy does seem like someone from whom you would not want to snatch a purse!


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