Where is everybody?

Yesterday morning, it was beary quiet when I woke up.  “Ooogie?” I called.  Ooogie was not napping on the bed.
“Uncle Tibbs, where are you?” I called.  He was not reading on the sofa.
“MOM???”  I could not find my mom either.  I was all alone.  I opened the door to go downstairs when suddenly —
“SURPRISE!!!  HAPPY BEARTHDAY AJDIN!!!”  It was my friends and my mom hiding behind the door.

I was so surprised that I fainted.

Uncle Tibbs picked me up and put me on his head.

“Happy Bearthday Ajdin!” he said.

There was a beary large bearthday message for me.

And there was also a chocolate cake.  I guess I am turning two years old in human years.

“Maaaaake a wiiiiiish,” Ooogie said.
I thought for a moment, then I wished really really hard.  Here is a video of me blowing out my bearthday candles.
After I blew out the candles, we cut the cake.  The cake was beary good.
I also got a bearthday card from Little Fox – thanks Little Fox!  Little Fox also sent me a jar of Nutella, but my mom ate it before I had time to take a picture.

A while back, I also received the below postcard from Jerry and Ben from their trip to San Francisco.  There is a famous song called “I Left My Honey Jar in San Francisco.”

They also sent me a bear pin which I have proudly attached to my bear cub scout uniform – how do I look?

It was a great bearthday!


  1. Ajdin so happy that you had a good bearday and that all of your friends made it to your party. Cool video as well, I didn't see Ms. Daisy in the picture – was she the one snapping the photo?

    Glad my card and nutella made it to your house. Next time I will send two nutellas, one for you and one for your mom,.

    Happy Bearday.

  2. Happy Bearthday! Our card should be arriving soon! Hope you had a great day! Jerry is beary jealous of that yummy jar of Nutella, it is also beary good on saltine crackers (and most everything else).

    • Sandy you can't leave those human seKretaries to take care of such details…they are not as organized as us little bears. Luckily they have us around to supervise…most of the time! Papa sent our card off a little late too…Ben was not happy.


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