Today I felt like having a snack (what else is new?)  But for once, I did not feel like having honey or fish.  I instead opted for a nice, big bag of… popcorn!

I put the bag of popcorn in the microwave and pressed the “popcorn” setting.
Then I waited a few minutes for the popcorn to pop.  It started off slowly, but then I began to hear the pops… POP POP POP!
Here, you can listen to the pops in this video.
When the popcorn stopped popping, I carefully took it out of the microwave.  Be careful, it’s beary hot.
Then I dumped the popcorn into a big bowl and brought it over to Uncle Tibbs and Ooogie.  Popcorn tastes better when you share it.
“Mmm, thanks Ajdin!”  Uncle Tibbs munched on a huge pawful.
“Popcoooooooooorn,” Ooogie nibbled on a piece.
Do you like popcorn?


  1. Yummy. Here is Ben's secret. We buy plain popcorn, either the microwave kind or the kind you make with an air popper. Jerry makes the popcorn, and the Ben melts a little butter in a small bowl. As soon as the butter is melted and he takes it out of the microwave, usually with a little adult help, he adds a couple of tablespoons (to taste) of honey, then quickly stirs and stirs until it is all mixed. Then he adds it to the popcorn. The butter and honey are delicious together!


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