I recently visited my grandparents’ house.  It is always fun to visit because there is always a lot of good food there.  Anyways, I was asked to help harvest some tomatoes from their garden.  So let’s get picking!
These tomatoes look nice and ripe, don’t you think?
I’ll get in there and give them a gentle tug.  *pop*  They came off of the plant so easily.
Hmm… it looks like someone has been enjoying our tomatoes.  My grandpa once put hot chili sauce on a decoy tomato for the squirrels and chipmunks, but they ate it anyway.  I guess they like spicy tomatoes.
Let’s see if there are any other tomatoes ripe for picking.  These are still green…
So are these…
And these…
I guess that is all the ripe tomatoes for now.  But I did get quite a few.  These would be beary tasty in a fresh salad!



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