An adventure to… ?


My mom announced that she was going on a business trip and would be away for a few days.  That meant Uncle Tibbs was in charge.

“Ah, I do enjoy bearsitting,” Uncle Tibbs said.  I have to say, Uncle Tibbs is a really cool bearsitter.

We gathered by the door to say goodbye.

My mom turned to leave with her suitcase.  But suddenly, a wave of curiosity and adventure came over me.  I made a run for it and jumped onto her suitcase.  Wherever she was going, I wanted to go too.
“Ajdin!  What are you doing?” Uncle Tibbs asked.  “Come back here!”
“Aaaaaajdiiiiiiiin,” Ooogie said, “cooooooooome baaaaaaaaaaaack.”
I zipped open the suitcase and squeezed myself inside.
“Bye Ooogie!  Bye Uncle Tibbs!” I yelled.  “See you soon!”
Now the real question was… where were we going?



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