After what seemed like several hours, the suitcase I was in came to a stop.  I peeked out of the bag and it looked like the coast was clear.  I was in a hotel room.  In Iowa.

Finally!  I could stretch my legs out on this nice bed.  I also watched some Sesame Street to relax.

I really liked the decor of the room.  It had a fishing/outdoors theme going.
I was feeling a little sleepy after traveling, so it was time for a quick pick-me-up.  I put a pot of coffee on.
Then it was time for some exploring.  I took a walk outside and saw lots and lots of cornfields.
I also passed by Iowa 80, which is the world’s largest truck stop.  It looked beary large to me, but then again, many things look beary big to a little bear.
There was a scenic lookout along this stretch of highway so I climbed to the very top and had a nice view.

Then I kept on walking past more cornfields.  There were many wind farms also.
You can hear just how windy it got out in the field.  I was almost blown away.

After that, I hurried back and hid in the suitcase so my mom wouldn’t find out I was a stowaway for this trip!


  1. Iowa looks like fun, when my roommate lived in Wisconsin for a year he often went to visit Iowa, he says the town was Dubuque.

    I have never been to the biggest truck stop in the world, you are beary lucky. Did you get a chance to eat dinner there?

    Hope you have a good adventure. Did you send Tibbs and Ooogie a card letting them know you are ok?

  2. You are such a brave bear – hanging around truck stops! I've heard one can get seriously lost in cornfields… particularly if one is a little bear. You be careful out there! Do you think your mom will notice that someone drank the coffee??? You might want to sneak out to the maid's cart and restock it… just saying…


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