Teddy Bear


Today my mom gave me my beary own teddy bear.  I never had a teddy bear before.

“Wow!” I said.  “This is so neat.  I will name him Ted.”  I gave Ted a little bear hug.
I was beary excited about my new teddy bear so I went to show Uncle Tibbs.
“Uncle Tibbs,” I said, “Look at my new teddy bear.”
“Oh that’s very nice, Ajdin.”  Uncle Tibbs patted Ted gently.
“I think everyone needs a teddy bear, Uncle Tibbs.  I mean teddy bears make great friends and they are beary good at giving bear hugs and –” I paused.  “But Uncle Tibbs… what about you?  You don’t have a teddy bear!”
“Hmmm…” Uncle Tibbs scratched his head.
“Uncle Tibbs,” I said, “this won’t do.  We really must get you a teddy bear also.”
“Actually Ajdin, I already have one,” he said.
“You do?” I asked.  “You never told me.  What does he look like?”
“Well, he’s brown, and furry, and about your height,” Uncle Tibbs explained.
“And what is he like?” I asked.
“Well, he loves honey and salmon, and he likes going on adventures, and he’s a beary loyal friend,” Uncle Tibbs said.
“Uncle Tibbs, I would like to meet him if that’s okay?” I said.
“Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs continued, “don’t you know?  My teddy bear is… YOU!”



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