Sinjin’s Bearthday Present


Perhaps you might remember my friend Sinjin the sock monkey.  Here is a picture of us if you forgot what he looked like:

Sinjin’s bearthday is coming up soon so I am going to send him a little present.  I thought he might like some art prints of himself.
I am going to put these prints in a frame.
First I need to tape them carefully to the back so they don’t slip or slide.  Tapes likes to stick to stuffie paws.
Next, I am going to write a short message on the back of the frame and sign my name.
There!  Doesn’t that look nice?
I think these prints look just like Sinjin.
Now I have to package the picture frame for mailing.  I found some bubble wrap and began unraveling it.
It was a little bit tricky to get the bubble wrap to lie flat.
Hmm… I think I may need some help here.
While my mom helped me wrap the picture frame, I played with the bubble wrap and popped the bubbles!  POP POP POP!
To make the package a little more decorative, I am going to tie it with some ribbon.
Oh dear… it seems like I am not having much luck today.  I guess everyone has those days when nothing seems to go right.
My mom helped me tie the ribbon around the package.
Then I got a big box to put the package in.
I put some more bubble wrap and crumpled newspaper in there for extra padding.
Hey, I think there might be room for me in this box.  Then I can make a surprise visit to Sinjin!
My mom said she would not want to risk losing me in the mail so I got out of the box and taped it closed.  Then I tried to push it to the post office, but it was too heavy for me.  ERGHHHH!!
“Hey Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs said as he was walking by.  “Do you need some help?”
He pushed the heavy box easily with his big bear paws.  It’s nice to have big bear help, isn’t it?  I hope Sinjin likes his present!


  1. That was quite the operation to get the gift wrapped. Good thing Uncle Tibbs was there to help out. Now that you know he is a good helper he can probably help you wrap all the cool gifts you are going to get for your Mom this Holiday Season.


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