Rubber stamp

I ordered something online last week and it arrived in the mail today.  Let’s see what it is.

Aha.  It’s a personalized stamp and ink set.

I ordered a stamp with my name on it.  That’s right, A-J-D-I-N.  I hope they didn’t misspell it Aidan or Aiden.

Oh good, they spelled it correctly.  It has a cool rocket ship on it too.

Oh, stamps are fun!  *stamp stamp stamp*

I can use this stamp on mail that I send to my stuffie friends, like this card that I am working on right now.

And nope, no peeking!  You can’t look yet!  It’s a surprise.

But I will let you see the backside of the envelope.  I stamped my name on there, see?  Now everyone will know when I have sent them something in the mail, kind of like Jerry and Ben’s drawings on their envelopes.



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