First Snow!


When I woke up this morning, it was beary cold.  I went to the window and saw that it had snowed overnight.

“Look at all that snow!” I cheered happily.
“Look.  At.  All.  That.  Snow,” Uncle Tibbs groaned.
I did a little dance, put on my hat, then went outside.
Uncle Tibbs put on his hat, grabbed a shovel, then also went outside.
After Uncle Tibbs finished shoveling the driveway, I asked if he would have a snowball fight with Spunky and I.
“Are you sure you want to have a snowball fight with me?” he asked.
“Yes!” we said.
Spunky and I prepared our snowballs.
Then we gave Uncle Tibbs our best shot.  He brushed the snow away then grinned.
“Okay, get ready guys,” Uncle Tibbs said.  He scraped together snow with his huge paws.
When we realized how big Uncle Tibb’s snowball was going to be, Spunky and I turned to run away.
“RUN!!” we said.
But it was too late.
WHOMP!!  Uncle Tibb’s snowball knocked us over into the snow.  It was getting beary cold now and my fur was getting wet, so after the snowball fight, we went inside to dry off and sipped on some hot chocolate!


  1. It's pretty clear that it will take Sandy, Little Fox, and all the rest of us Stuffies to form a team that will be fair to have a snowball fight with uncle Tibbs (frequent intermissions for hot chocolate of course).


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