As luck would have it, my mom just happened to be going on another business trip.  We got on an airplane and arrived in… Colorado!  She had to go to work but I was allowed to do some exploring by myself this time.

I found a tranquil pond nearby and looked at the mountains that were in the background.  Those are the Colorado Rockies.

I took a short video to show you how nice it was.
I kept going down that road.  It was just me and the big blue sky.

I kept going until I saw a sign for a nature preserve.  So I decided to go in and take a look.  Maybe I would find some fellow bears there.

I saw some prairie dogs in this nature preserve.
There was a sign warning me that I was about to enter the bison area.  “Bison are wild and unpredictable animals,” it said.  But I was not afraid.  I am a bear, after all.  GRRR!!

Now I was a bit tired so I went to check in at the hotel.  When I arrived at the front desk, I was offered a warm, soft, delicious chocolate chip cookie.  Apparently they do this in all of their hotels.  I can tell that I am really going to like this hotel.

I even made a new swan friend in the hotel room.  How friendly everyone is here.

I was still hungry so I ordered room service.  This is really nice treatment.  I might have to ask for this treatment when I get back home.

I was getting sleepy now so I made myself comfortable on some pillows and fell asleep.  I wonder what’s in store for tomorrow…


  1. I have never gotten room service befofe…"cough cough" my roommates are too cheap (oh, I mean frugal) to splurge on that. I think I am going to have to try it sometime though (or at least stay at the hotel chain that offers cookies upon check in).

    Glad to see you didn't have to sneak away to Colorado this time, the weather looks beary pretty. I hope you have lots of adventures in Colorado.


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