Colorado part 2


The next day, I decided to make a quick visit to Red Rocks Park before it was time to go to the airport.  I got up real early and was able to watch the sunrise.

 There were some great views in this park.

 It was beary peaceful here indeed.

Here is a video I took of the park:

I took a picture of this statue.

And here is one of the famous red rocks for which this park is named for!

Then I got in the car and drove to the airport.  (I am not sure when I received my driver’s license, or if I ever did, but somehow I managed to get the car back to the hotel.  Please don’t tell my mom.  I might get another timeout for this.)


  1. Oh wow!! That place looks gorgeous! You were beary smart to get out there at sunrise – beautiful lighting. Those rock formations look beary cool – did you claim any of them for Stuffidom? As for driving… your mom won't hear it from me!


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