Banana Nut Bread


This morning I made something from this cookbook.  It is one of my beary favorite recipes.

The recipe is for banana bread – here it is so you can follow along if you’d like:
If you want to make banana bread, of course you will need bananas.  And there is no one better to help me out with that than my friend Kong.
“BANANAS!” Kong said, pounding the counter with his fists.
I combined the butter, sugar and eggs in a large bowl.
Then Kong began peeling the bananas.  We are using three bananas for this recipe.
A one, a two, a three…

Suddenly I felt my legs go out from under me as I slipped on a banana peel.
“Kong,” I said.  “Kitchen safety is beary important, so let’s throw out these banana peels before anyone else gets hurt.”
After we cleared the counter, we mashed the bananas and added them to the mixture, along with the dry ingredients.
We added chopped walnuts to the batter but that is completely up to you.
A beary important question is, who gets to lick the bowl?
After one hour at 350 degrees F, the bread came out of the oven – it smelled beary good!  ( I like to eat this with a little honey!)


  1. hi ajdin, happy new year! i was reading miranda wandering and i saw your name on her list of blogs she read and i love bears, so i decided to read about you.i have my own bear, his name is mr bear. he's been with me since 1994. maybe one day i will do a blog about him. i love banana bread looking forward to more stories.


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