Ninjabread Cookies


Hello everyone.  It seems that I have been in a bit of a baking mood lately.  Today I am going to try this special cookie mix that I received from Christmas.  It is a mix for Ninjabread Cookies.  I have never tried Ninjabread before so I am beary curious.  Let’s see what’s inside this box.

There is a packet of cookie mix, frosting mix, a piping bag, candy decorations and ninja cookie cutters.  So let’s get started, why don’t we?
I am pleased to tell you that this recipe calls for some honey.  It will be a beary delicious cookie – I know this for a fact.
I added the honey to the cookie mix in a large bowl.
Then I formed a large ball with the dough.  It was fun to get my paws in there.  I put the dough in the refrigerator to cool for 30 minutes.
I rolled out the dough into a thin sheet then used the ninja cookie cutters to cut out shapes.  They went into the oven for about 9 minutes.  When they came out, they were a nice golden brown color.  I mixed the frosting and put it into a frosting piping bag.
These were fun to decorate with the candy!  I had a little extra cookie dough leftover so I made a special cookie.  Can you see what it is?
Here are some closeups of the ninjabread cookies!  HIIII-YA!!!



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