The Helping Paw badge


Today, Bear Cub Scout Leader Uncle Tibbs called an important meeting.  So I put on my cub scout uniform.

“I called this meeting today because I have some exciting news to share with you, Ajdin,” he said.

I began to feel beary excited.

“There is a new Bear Cub Scout badge that you can earn.  It is called the Helping Paw badge.”  He showed me what the badge looked like.  It was a badge in the shape of a bear!
“Uncle Tibbs, that is a fantastic badge!” I exclaimed.  “How do I earn it?”
“The recipient of a Helping Paw badge must show bravery and courage to help someone else.  It is not an easy badge to earn,” he said.
“Uncle Tibbs, do you need help with anything?” I asked.
“Hmm… I can’t say that I do, Ajdin.”

“Are you SURE?” I asked again.
“I am okay right now, Ajdin, but thanks for asking.”
I was eager to get this badge, so I decided to ask Ooogie if he needed help.
“Noooooooooo, thaaaaaaaaaaaanks,” he answered.
Then I asked Flops if he needed help.
“I don’t need help… *crunch* ….but thanks for asking…*crunch*,” he said as he munched on a carrot.
I began to feel a little discouraged.  I really wanted this special badge.  Finally, I asked my mom if she needed help.
It turned out that she did not need help either.
I let out a little sigh.  How was I going to earn the Helping Paw badge if no one needed any help?


  1. Hi Ajdin, well, when Ben wants to help out the household he makes a batch of chocolate chip cookies…seKretaries simply cannot resist a cute bear holding a plate of delicious cookies. Jerry helps out of course by serving as official taste tester.

  2. Hmm, I agree with Sandy, I think that you should have Uncle Tibbs take you to the eye doctor to get your eyesight examined.

    I remember a big plastic bin filled with Stuffies that you saved a long time ago, would that count for the merit badge?


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