A helping paw

I was having trouble finding someone to help for my Helping Paw badge.  It seemed like everyone was doing just fine.
So I decided to take a nap.  I should be hiBEARnating right now anyways.  *yawn*
“Help!” a voice chirped.
Wait, what was that sound?  Did you hear something?
“Please help!” it said again.
It sounded like it was coming from over here.
It was…
…a bird!
(Hey guys, how come you didn’t tell me there was a bird behind me?)
“Hello,” I said.  “Do you need help?”
“Yes!” she replied.  “My wing… I think it’s broken.  A bird that can’t fly… oh, I am done for!”
“Don’t worry,” I said.  “I am Bear Cub Scout Ajdin and I can help you.”  I went to get my first aid kit.
“Now, if you will just hold still, I’ll have you fixed up in no time,” I said.
I took out some bandages and carefully tied them around her right wing.
“There,” I said, helping her sit up.  “You’ll need some time to heal but it should be better soon.”
“But I cannot fly south!” she said.  “It is winter here and so cold.  I will surely freeze to death.”
“You can stay with my friends and I,” I offered.  “You can be our guest, Miss…?”
“Feathers.  My name is Feathers.  Thank you so much Ajdin.  You are a very kind bear.”


  1. Hooray! I think this qualifies you for the Emergency Medical Technician Badge as well as the Helping Paw Badge.

    (Be sure to get your ears checked as well as your eyes, though. Just saying.)

  2. Good job Adjin!!! I second Droop's comments… but all's well that ends well! So sad to hear Feathers had a broken wing. Did he hit a window or something? Maybe your Mom just cleaned all the windows so they are super clean and clear?


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