Salmonoa cookies


Perhaps you have seen other Bear Cub Scouts in your neighborhood selling cookies.  We do this every year apparently, to raise money for our Bear Cub Scout Troop.  Some people say these cookies are overpriced, but I think you are also buying the cuteness of having a little bear sell them to you, don’t you think?  I have a box of cookies here with me today.

They are my beary favorite cookies – Salmonoa cookies!  

“Does anyone want to buy a box of Salmonoa cookies?” I asked.  I waited for three seconds but received no answer.  I guess that means we can eat the cookies then.

Here, would you like a cookie?
They look good, don’t they?  Take a big bite.
Mmm, it has lots of coconut and caramel and chocolate…
A little tea with honey would be the perfect complement to this snack…
Wow, that was fast!
We ate all the cookies!  Do you have a favorite Bear Cub Scout cookie?


  1. Jerry says "We taKe feefty boxus!" We love those cookies, but also the thin mints, so delicious. Ben suggests crushing several thin mint cookies and serving it over vanilla ice cream.


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