Feathers flies


This morning, Miss Feathers was looking out the window.

I brought her some breakfast.
“Here you are, Miss Feathers,” I said.  “Your favorite breakfast granola cereal.  Oh, and I added some honey to it.”
“Thank you Ajdin.  You know, my wing has been feeling much better since I broke it several weeks ago.  Perhaps we can take off the bandage today.”
After breakfast, I inspected her wing and used scissors to carefully cut off the bandage.
As soon as I took it off, she began flying around the room.
“Oh, I am much better now!” she chirped.
I decided to take Miss Feathers outside after she had been cooped inside all this time.  She flew onto high tree branches.
And low tree branches.
And shrubbery.
And more trees.  I could tell she was in beary good spirits.
The weather was beautiful and we even found this colorful pot of pansies to admire.  Spring is here at last!


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