April surprise giveaway drawing


Hello everyone!  The April surprise giveaway ended yesterday and there were a total of 7 entries including blog comments and Facebook comments.  Who will be the lucky winner?

I put the contest entries inside my trusty fishbowl.  This time, Uncle Tibbs was going to select the winner.

“Uncle Tibbs, will you please do the honors?” I asked.
“Why certainly, Ajdin.”  He put his paw in the bowl.
“AND THE WINNER IS…” I paused with excitement.
“Hmm… ungh…ergh…” Uncle Tibbs made grunting sounds.
“AND THE WINNER IS…” I said again.
“Hmm… there seems to be a problem,” he said.
“Uncle Tibbs, they’re waiting.  Please take your paw out of the bowl.”
“I’m trying Ajdin, but it seems that I am stuck.”
He was stuck indeed.  I called Ooogie and Feathers over to help.  Together, we pulled while Uncle Tibbs tugged.
Suddenly… POP!!  Uncle Tibbs’ paw came out of the bowl.
Congratulations Sandy!  You have just won a new pair of pants!
I will be shipping them to you as soon as —- hey!
My mom does not seem to approve of the pants as a contest prize so I will be sending you something else… it is truly a surprise!
Thank you everyone for entering this giveaway and stay tuned for more giveaways!



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