Watermelon juice


Hello everyone.  I am beary thirsty today and I happen to have a nice, ripe watermelon here, so I will be showing you how to make watermelon juice.  It is a perfect, refreshing drink especially in the summer!

First of all, you need a watermelon.

Then you cut it in half.  Be beary careful with the knife.
Cut it in half again.
Then cut those halves into halves.
Alright, this watermelon looks so delicious that I am going to sneak in a quick bite right now.  Mmm, it’s good!
Cut the watermelon into small chunks.  Now this is where a blender comes in.
Put the watermelon chunks into the blender.
Now all you have to do is just press the button on the blender.  I like to press all of them to make sure it is nice and smooth.
“Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs said, “don’t forget to put on the –“
WHIRRRR!! the blender groaned.
“Oh no!” I exclaimed.  Watermelon juice splashed everywhere!  It was a mess.
“Doh!” Uncle Tibbs said.  “That’s alright Ajdin.  I’ll help you clean up.”
After we wiped up the table, it was time to strain the watermelon juice.  This part is optional but I like to have purely watermelon juice without the pulp and any seeds.  Take a mesh strainer and put it over a glass.  Pour the blended watermelon into the strainer and slowly stir with a spoon.
And that is how you make watermelon juice!



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