SALMON WARS: Jedi Training Makes Me Hungry


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Master Oooda and I – Ajdin Salmonfisher – were working on my continued training with the Fish.  It was beary hard work and I began to get hungry.  My tummy rumbled.
“Master Oooda,” I said.  “I sense a great disturbance… in my stomach.”
“Huuuuungry yoooou areeeeeee,” Master Oooda replied.  “Eaaaaat thiiiis yoooou muuuuust.  Dooooo ooooor doooo nooooot.  Theeeeere iissssss noooo tryyyy.”
He presented me with a box of macaroni and cheese – the SALMON WARS edition!
I used my Fish powers to open the box.

The pasta came in cool shapes like Master Oooda, R2D2, C3PO, Darth Tibbs and an X-wing Fighter!

I boiled the pasta in a pot.  (Be careful not to let your Jedi robes catch on fire when cooking.)
After about 10 minutes, the pasta was cooked.
Then I added some butter, some milk, and the cheese packet from the box.

There was just one thing left to do, then my destiny would be complete.
“Master Oooda!  Darth Tibbs!” I called.  “Dinner is ready!”
They came to the table.
“Phew!  Ruling the Empire sure works up an appetite,” Darth Tibbs said.
“Huuuuungry I aaaaaam,” echoed Master Oooda.
“You want this, don’t you?  Go on… take your spoon,” Darth Tibbs said.  “Use it.  Strike the macaroni and cheese down with it.  It is unarmed.  Give in to your hunger.”

We were about to dig in with our spoons, but I sensed a dark and evil presence lurking nearby.  Someone was trying to steal our macaroni and cheese!

“Reeeemember youuuuur traiiiiniiinggg,” Master Oooda said.

“This is not the macaroni and cheese you are looking for,” I said, using the Jedi mind trick while waving my paw.

It worked!  The dark and evil presence went away and the galaxy could eat in peace once more.

Stay tuned for more episodes of SALMON WARS…
May the Fish be with you!
By the way, below is the recently released second teaser for SALMON WARS: THE FISH AWAKENS.  We are beary excited for this movie!



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