Sleeping bag


Recently, Julie Jane Zebra hosted a winter photo contest that I entered.  All of the photo entries in this contest were really great!  Here is my photo entry called Ice Fishing:

I was so beary surprised to learn that I won first place in this contest and would be receiving a custom-made sleeping bag from Julie’s store Studio Lumio.  They make beary unique and interesting things in this store – you should check it out!  Julie and her friend Elsie worked beary hard on the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag arrived today.  (My mom commented on the number of packages I have been receiving lately.)

There was a letter inside the package explaining that this sleeping bag was a magical sleeping bag.  I wondered what that meant.  There was also a cool picture of Julie and Elsie that they drew themselves.
I grew more and more excited as I opened the sleeping bag.
It came in a beary nice blue color with a cool astrobear design!  It was also beary soft.  I crawled inside.
“Thaaaaat’s nooooot hoooow yoouuuuu dooooo iiiiiit,” said Ooogie.
I never had a sleeping bag before.  I tried getting in the other way.
“Aaaaah, it is so comfortable,” I said.  “And it is the perfect fit!”
I turned off the light and got ready to go to sleep in my new sleeping bag when suddenly it began to GLOW…  COOL!  It was a magic sleeping bag!
Thank you Julie and Elsie for the cool sleeping bag!  I like it beary much!
Goodnight everyone, sweet astrobear dreams!



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