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Today I felt like doing some online shopping.  Online shopping is a great way to find cool stuff and avoid crowded malls.  As a stuffie, sometimes you can be mistaken for a piece of merchandise when going into stores and my mom has to tell people that I am not for sale.

So let me log onto the computer and see what cyber deals I can find today.  I am going to check out the Build a Bear Workshop.  (Note: I am not a Build a Bear but I am beary similar in size to the Build a Bears.)

Hmm, this looks familiar.  It’s my Jedi costume!
Here is a sparkly pink ballerina dress…ew.  I think I will pass.
I clicked for the next page, and saw…
PANTS!  Nope, definitely not buying these.
I added a few items to my cart and then took out my Abearican Express credit card to check out.  I hope my purchases arrive soon!
Do you like online shopping?  What is your favorite store?


  1. Sadly, there are no clothing shops for us (for Sandy either), so we have to have clothes custom made, which is why Auntie made us some sweaters a while back. We think stuffies should protest until we get online clothing shops just for us!

  2. It must be nice to be a build-a-bear size (or close to that). Alas, us bearista bears have to make do with a limited selection of clothing, none of which is the current fashion. I've found a few things that are my size in thrift stores but…they don't always fit well…. Remind me to show you my new hoodie.

  3. We three are Build-a-Bear bears so needless to say Build-a-Bear Australia is our fave online store…followed by to get other things that will fit us from places like Teddy Mountain and Designabear. Sometimes Mum makes us things too. 😀


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