The Joy of Painting, Episode 1


Hello, I’m Bear Ross and I’d like to welcome you to the Joy of Painting.  In this episode, I hope you’ll learn some new painting techniques, or just feel free to pull up a nice easy chair and relax as we put some of nature’s finest scenery on canvas.

I’ll just get my canvas set up here on my trusty old easel.
There we go, there we go.
And here are the colors you’ll need to paint alongside with me today.
Alright.  Now let’s put a nice blue sky on the canvas.  Just load up your brush with a nice blue and give it some nice broad strokes across the top there.  Yes, just like that.
Now, let’s put some happy little clouds on there.  Make them nice and fluffy and happy.
Now I’m going to make some nice green hills, rolling hills.  Remember, this is your world, your creation.
Yes, there we go, there we go.
Now how about some trees?
Here they come.  These little trees were hiding in your brush and you just gotta push them out, see?
Okay, now load up your brush with a nice dark blue.
We’re going to add a nice happy river at the bottom.  And this river is going to be full of happy fish, full of happy salmon.  Mmm… And nearby will probably be some happy bees with lots of happy honey… but we won’t paint those today.
Now we’re almost done.  Just don’t forget to sign your name on the painting.
Remember, there’s no secret to painting.  Anybody can paint.  All you need is a dream in your heart and a little practice.
Thanks for joining me today on The Joy of Painting.  Until next time, happy painting!



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