PawPad addiction


A few weeks ago, I got a new PawPad.  Some of my favorite games to play on it are Salmon Crush Saga and Words with Stuffies.  Sometimes I also go on Bearbook to see what my friends are up to.  I’ve enjoyed playing with it beary much, perhaps a little too much.

“Hey Ajdin,” Uncle Tibbs said.  I did not respond.  I was focused on my PawPad.
“Ajdin,” he repeated.  I still did not respond.  I was on the verge of beating level 343 in Salmon Crush Saga.
“Ajdin Adilovic, I’ll take that please,” Uncle Tibbs said as he took the PawPad out of my paws.
“But Uncle Tibbs!” I protested.  “I was just about to beat level 343!”
“I know you were,” he said.  “And that is why I think you need a little break from this PawPad thing.  You have been playing with it nonstop lately.  Too much technology is not good for you.  Why don’t you go play outside today?  How about taking a walk in the park?”
I grumbled as I headed out the door.
But I soon stopped grumbling as the weather was so nice outside!  I could see my little bear shadow.
I headed to the local park.  The trees and grass were green and lush.
I took a little break at this picnic table to admire the beautiful nature around me.
Uncle Tibbs was right.  Being outside was much better than playing with my PawPad.  I could hear the birds singing, the bees buzzing, and the sound of a gurgling stream.  Perhaps there were fish in that stream.
I took a deep breath of fresh air when all of a sudden —
I was knocked over by something brown and furry!  When I looked up, I saw…


    • You are right Sandy! I should do some stretches to avoid car-paw tunnel syndrome. I did not have paints with me – I'm not sure what happened to me, if I was knocked out or mugged or…


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