The puppy

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As I was walking home, I had a beary strange feeling as if I was being watched, as if something was following me.  I turned to look over my shoulder.  The puppy I had met in the park followed me home!

“What are you doing here?” I said.  “Go home!”
It looked at me with sad, puppy dog eyes (I am a sucker for those).  Then I realized that it didn’t have a home.
“Hmm,” I said aloud.  “No puppy should be alone by himself.  And you must be hungry.  Perhaps you can stay with me for a while.”
“Woof!” he said.
“But let me go inside first and explain the situation to everyone.  You stay right here and don’t go anywhere.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
I opened the door… and the puppy darted inside!
“Hey come back!” I yelled.
The puppy headed straight for Uncle Tibbs who was curled up on the couch taking a nap.
“No!  Come back here!” I said.  But it was too late.  The puppy had climbed onto Uncle Tibbs.
“Unggrrrmmm… eeerrr… mmm…” Uncle Tibbs murmured.  Then he rubbed his eyes and sat up.  “IT’S A PUPPY!!!”
“Everyone come here!  Look, it’s a puppy!” he exclaimed.
“He is so cute!” Feathers said.
“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,” said Ooogie.  Apparently everyone loves puppies.
“I can explain,” I said.  “I was taking a walk in the park like you told me to, Uncle Tibbs, and I met this friendly puppy there.  He followed me home.”
“He has no collar,” said Feathers.  “Does he belong to anyone?”
“Caaaaaaaan weeeeeeee keeeeeeeeeep hiiiiiiiim?” asked Ooogie.
“I think we should put up some flyers,” said Uncle Tibbs.  “And if no one calls about him in one week, then we can keep him.  How about that?”
So we made signs.  Everyone helped put them up.
“Well that’s that,” I said, putting up the last sign.
“Yep, it’s been quite a day…” I paused.  Something smelled… stinky.  And it wasn’t me.  I got closer to the puppy.
“Pee-yew!  I think you need a bath,” I said.
I had never given a puppy a bath before.  I guess I’ll need a tub, some soap and water.  This should be easy, right?


  1. You are such a kind bear Ajdin! As for washing puppies… yeah… that's a snap. No problemo. Call me if you need me. On second thought, my schedule looks booked for the next month. I'm sure you can manage juuusssst fine!


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