It was time to give the puppy a bath.

I found a small tub and added some water and soap in it.  Then I also got a big towel and took my hoodie off just in case things got a little messy.

“Alright,” I said to the puppy.  “In you go.”
He didn’t budge.
“Come on now, hop in.  The water feels real nice!” I tried again.
He still did not move.
“Okay,” I said, picking him up.  “Maybe you need a little help getting in —“
He slipped out of my paws and made a run for it!

“Hey come back here!” I called.

“I’ll stop him,” said Feathers.  She flew over and stopped his escape.
The puppy quickly changed directions and ran the other way.
“I wiiiiiiiiiiiill stoooooooooooooop hiiiiiiiiiiim,” said Ooogie.
“Oooooooohhhh… wheeeeeereeeee diiiiiiiid heeeeeee gooooooo?”
“He’s on your back Ooogie,” I said.
“Alright, enough is enough,” I said.  “Come here right now or —“
The puppy jumped on me and I lost my balance, falling backwards straight into the tub of soapy water.
“HAHAHAHAHA!”  Uncle Tibbs tried to cover his mouth.
“Oooh Ajdin!” said Feathers.  “Who is taking the bath – you or the puppy?”
“Haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaa,” said Ooogie.
“You know what?” I said.  “Taking care of a puppy is a lot of work.”



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