Last week, I went on a road trip to Memphis, Tennessee where I visited Graceland Mansion.  The great Elvis Presley once lived there.  Are you ready to go inside with me?

Here we are in the foyer of the mansion.  There is a grand staircase and a picture of Elvis Presley on the wall.

And to the right is the living room with a grand piano.  I bet he sang “Love Me Tuna” here.

To the left is the dining room.  I can imagine lots of salmon being eaten here at this table.

Now we are going into the basement.  This is the pool table room with interesting decorations..

Here is another room that is all in blue and yellow.  Did you know that Elvis liked to watch 3 different television channels at the same time?  The lightning bolt you see on the wall was part of his motto “TCB”, or “Taking Care of Business… in a flash.”

This is called the Jungle Room, and for good reason.  There is an indoor water fountain, lots of plants, and carved wood furniture.  I also saw a stuffie bear next to a guitar on the sofa.  Do you see him?

Okay, now we are going to take a look at the outdoor pasture where Elvis liked to ride horses.  Along the way, I met a fellow stuffie named Elgar the Moose.  Elgar works at a travel agency in England and he was leading a tour for his two human companions.  We took a picture together.  Elgar said he has been to dozens of countries leading travel trips for humans.  It sounds like he has a great job!

Okay, now we’re on to some Elvis Presley exhibits.  Apparently, there was such a thing as Elvis Presley lipstick.

Here is more Elvis stuff.  They really went big on the marketing aspect huh?

Wow, look at that guitar – the guitar of a superstar!

His Grammy Awards were also on display.

There were so many awards I could not count them all.

Some of his stage costumes were on display too.

Finally, the end of the tour took us to Elvis Presley’s grave.  Thank you for the music, Elvis Presley.  Long live the King of Rock and Roll.



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