Jedi Jello


Hmm, where is it?  I thought I put it back in the dresser.

I’m looking for my Jedi robe… where did it go?

Without it, I can’t do today’s blog post.

“Mom, have you seen my Jedi robe?” I asked.

Ah, she has it!  She took it to the dry cleaners.

Okay, just give me one minute to change and then we’ll get started.

Hello everyone, today I am going to make Jedi Jello!  (By the way, there’s nothing like a crisp, clean, lightly starched Jedi robe.)  I have a box of SALMON WARS Jello mix right here.  Are you ready to make some jello with me?

Wait a second, I forgot to roll the opening sequence…

Okay, now we can really start.

First, I open the box with my trusty lightsaber.  ***ZING***

Then I boiled some hot water (be careful) and added it to the mix.  The white powder turned green!  The flavor is Rebel Force Berry.

Then I poured it into a large dish.  Now comes the hard part… we have to wait several hours for the jello to set.  I wish I could use my Fish powers to speed up time, but Master Oooda says that paaaaatiiiieeeeencceeeeee is also part of a Jedi’s training…


  1. Yum Salmon Wars Jelly! We’ve been trying to talk Mum into getting us some Jelly this weekend also. She’s promised to put two boxes of Blue on the shopping list for this week! We love jelly.
    Hope yours tastes awesome when it’s ready!


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