Jedi Jello part 2


Hi everyone!  I’m back with the final Jedi Jello reveal.  I have been beary patient waiting for the Jello to set and now it is time to eat the Jello!

I suppose I could always use my lightsaber to slice and dice the Jello into chunks, but today I am going to use a bear-shaped cookie cutter.

I carefully put the cookie cutter onto the Jello.  Then I pressed down gently.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” I said.  I forgot to use the Jello Jiggler recipe instead of the regular recipe.

“Thaaaaat iiiisssss whyyy youuuu faaaiiil,” said Master Oooda.  “Moooooreeeee traaaiiiiniiiiing dooooo yooooou reeeequiireeee.”

Darth Tibbs came by to see what we were doing.

“Ah Jello,” he said.  “I have you now.”

“Jiiiiiggglyyyy iiit iiissss,” said Master Oooda.

I ate a spoonful of Jello – it was still tasty even though it didn’t turn out exactly right.  Have a good day everyone.  May the Fish be with you!



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