Hello there.  Today I am heading to the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles, to get my driver’s license and car registration.  You may remember that I passed my driving test from S.P. Driving School some time ago.

Ah, here we are, the DMV.  I wonder if someone is working here today.  I don’t see anyone here yet.

After some time, someone showed up.  It was…


“Helloooooo Ajdiiiiiin,” he said.

“Hi Ooogie,” I replied.  “I didn’t know you work at the DMV.  Can you help me with my license and car registration?”

“Yesssss.  Buuuut pleeeeasseeee taaaaake a nuuuumbeeer.”  He handed me a ticket.  I was number 26.

“What number is being called now?” I asked.

Ooogie pointed to the sign on the front of the counter.

“Threeeeeee.  Doeeeeesss anyyyyoneeeee haaaave nuuuumbeeer threee?  Anyyyyyoneeee?  Anyyyoneeee?”

I guess I will be at the DMV for a while today.


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