I received a package recently – look who it is from!  Two little bears are drawn on the envelope.  That means it’s from Jerry and Ben.

Wow, what a haul!  These are my prizes from their 2015 Halloween Costume Contest.  There is candy, some pencils and eraser (which I will use for school), a certificate, and a sheet of stickers.

Look, I’m going to put a sticker on my face right now!  Yeah!  Thanks Jerry and Ben!

I also received a postcard from Sandy Bear.  It is a postcard of Yukon, Canada.  Sandy hopes to go on a real trip again soon.  Thanks Sandy!

There is also a second postcard from Sandy.  Hmm… wait a second.  It is not for me.  It is for… Uncle Tibbs!  Uncle Tibbs will be beary happy to receive some fun mail.  I got the feeling that he was a little bit jealous last time I received all the fun mail.  So let’s go give it to him!

“Uncle Tibbs, there is a piece of mail for you,” I said.

“Let me guess,” he said.  “It’s a bill.”

“No, it is not a bill,” I said.

“If it is not a bill, then it is junk mail,” he said.

“No, it is not junk mail either,” I said.

“Really?  What could it be?” he asked.  I handed the postcard to him.

He read:

Dear Uncle Tibbs,

A postcard just for you!!  Because you never get any and you do such a great job of caring for the younger stuffies.  I’m just doing some armchair travelling using postcards from Mama’s stash!

Your pal, Sandy

“Wow!  I can’t believe I received a piece of fun mail today!” he said.  “Hehehe!”

Thanks Sandy, for making Uncle Tibbs’ day!


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