Cyber (CYBEAR) Monday


Hello everyone!  Do you know what today is?  That’s right, today is Cyber Monday, or CYBEAR Monday as I like to call it.  I try not to go too crazy with shopping but I’m tempted to take a peek at some good deals today.  Let’s take a look. has some pretty good stuff it seems. had some problems due to high visitor traffic but it seems to be working now.

There are also good deals at

But my favorite store for online shopping is Build-a-Bear Workshop!  They also have specials going on today.  I’m going to ever-so-subtly leave this webpage up so my mom will see it when she checks her email on the computer.  Maybe she will get a hint!


  1. Did the hints work? We don’t have Cyber/Cybear Monday over here in Australia so we’re not sure what it’s all about. We’ll google it later. Have fun shopping! 😀


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