Rocket ship


Today I was relaxing on my astrobear sleeping bag that I won in Julie Jane Zebra’s photo contest earlier this year.  I was daydreaming about going to outer space one day.

Then my mom came by with an arts and crafts project for me.

It was a mini rocket ship kit!

I took out all of the pieces and started putting them together.

I looked at the package every now and then to make sure I was doing it right.

I attached the wings of the rocket ship.

It was almost done.  I just had to attach the rocket boosters.

I put them on carefully.  Rocket ships cost millions of dollars, you know.

The rocket ship was complete!

I really wanted to go on this rocket ship mission but apparently they already had a crew assembled.  The rocket ship roared to life and launched into outer space.  As I watched it lift off, I wondered where it would go and what new worlds it would discover.

I let out a little sigh.

A little bear can dream, right?

Have an out of this world day!



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