Grand Opening


When I got my first suitcase over a year ago, it was a feeling like no other.  I wondered where I would go with this suitcase, what I would see and do (and eat), and who I would meet.  I am beary grateful for all the travel experiences that I have had so far.

Recently, I began to wonder how many stuffies there are who have not gone on adventures like some of us do.  That’s when I decided to help bridge that gap.

Today, I am excited to announce the grand opening of …

Stuffie Tours is a travel agency for stuffed animals based in the Washington, DC area.  I will be your tour guide and we will be offering full-service travel tours for stuffed animals from other parts of the USA and all over the world.  We are now accepting bookings for our very first tour – the 2016 Cherry Blossom Festival and Washington, DC Monument Tour!

You can check out our website at

At Stuffie Tours, we know we are some beary lucky stuffed animals, but not all animals are quite so lucky.  That’s why we are donating 5% of tour fees to a local animal rescue group.  We will keep you posted with our work with animal rescue.

Thank you for your friendship and keep on adventuring,


  1. That’s a great idea, Ajdin! Lots of stuffies don’t get the chance to travel much, so this is a great opportunity. I only hope mine won’t all want to go together, because then I would have to charter an entire plane. 😉


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