Hello everyone!  I’ve received a lot of fun stuff recently that I want to show you.  First up is a jar of artisan honey from my friend Droopy.  Mmm, that’ll be nice with a piece of fresh, warm bread.

Then Jerry and Ben sent me a card from a certain coffee shop because they thought I would like the design.  Isn’t it cute?

Next up is a large envelope, also from Droopy.  There was a drawing of a bear on the back.  Does it look like me?  I wonder what’s inside.

Cool!  SALMON WARS A Very Vader Valentine’s Day activity book and cards!

Here is also a card from Jerry and Ben.

It’s a Valentine’s Day card – thank you!

I also received a card from Julie Jane Zebra (and Elsie).  It is a handmade card from their shop Studio Lumio.  It looks like it is written in Chinese.  I am not sure what it says but I will ask Uncle Tibbs tomorrow because his Chinese is better than mine.

And finally… it is Beanie Mouse’s traveling art book version 2!  I will have to think of something to draw inside it, then I will send it back to Beanie.  This art book has traveled all over the world!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. It’s always to get snail mail, isn’t it! We love getting cards and little presents in the mail and we also love sending them to our furry and human friends. Maybe you could send us your address in a PM on FB and maybe we’ll send you something too! ;o)


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