“Where is everyone?” I said.  We just moved a couple of days ago and I couldn’t find anyone.  There were so many boxes everywhere.

“Hello?  Hello?”  There was still no response.  Uh oh, this could be bad!

Suddenly, Sandy popped up from inside a box.

“Here I am!” he said.

“Oh phew, I was beary worried for a minute,” I said.  “But where are our other stuffie tourists?”

“We’re here!” said Scooter Wojak and Ozzie Quirkybear.

“Great!  I’m glad you all made it.  But I wonder where the rest of my friends are?”

“Preeeeeeeeeeeesseeeeeeeeeent,” said Ooogie.

“Hello Ajdin!” tweeted Miss Feathers.

“And what about Park—”

I was knocked over by something brown and furry.

“Hello Parker.”


“Cheerio!” said KoKo.  “I picked up your car from the garage, mate.”

“But where’s Uncle Tibbs?”

“Right behind you!” he said.

All stuffies are accounted for, yeah!  We all made it!  Now it’s time to unpack.


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