Our stuffie tourists


As you may or may not know, we currently have a few tourists staying with us after the recent 2016 Cherry Blossom Tour.  The cherry blossom season may have passed this year, but we are lucky to have our guests give us a virtual tour of where they are from.

First up is Sandy, a little bear from Canada.

“The capital of Canada is Ottawa,” says Sandy, “and the official languages are English and French.  There is a population of approximately 36 million people.”

“How many little bears live in Canada?” I asked.

“At least one!” replied Sandy.

“And you can see that I am wearing a Canadian flag pin on my hat!” said Sandy.

“Ooooh!  Ahhhh!”

Next up was Scooter Wojak.

“I am from North Carolina, where the capital is Raleigh, but the largest city is Charlotte,” says Scooter Wojak.  “North Carolina is known as the Tar Heel State or the Old North State.  The state reptile is the Eastern box turtle.”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhh allllllriiiiiiight,” said Ooogie.

“And…” Scooter continued, “the state insect is the European honey bee!”

*hearty applause from bear audience of 3*

Finally, it was Ozzie Quirkybear’s turn.

“I am from Australia,” says Ozzie Quirkybear.  “The capital is Canberra and the largest city is Sydney.  The Great Barrier Reef is just a short distance off the north-east coast of Australia.”

“Are there koala bears in Australia?” asked Sandy.

“Yes, koalas are native to Australia.  They sleep up to 20 hours a day,” said Ozzie.

“That sounds… *yawn* … like a really good … *yawn* … idea…” I said. “ZZZZZZ….”

“Ajdin?  Ajdin?”

“Well, I guess that’s all for this blog post,” said Sandy.  “Hi Mama!”


  1. They’re also NOT Bears as they are marsupials. Just Koalas! Lol…we’re surprised Ozzie didn’t curl up and go to sleep with him! Glad you’re all still having fun!


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