Ooogie the Chef


“How does this sound?  ‘I believe that all stuffies have the right to pursue their dreams, regardless of their status or position, and that the stuffie spirit can break any shackles of adversity.'”

“Hmm.. I like it,” Uncle Tibbs said. “Perhaps you can quote Abearham Lincoln also.”

Uncle Tibbs was helping me with my next presidential campaign speech when Ooogie appeared.

“I am going to cook dinner,” he announced, before he headed to the kitchen.

“Huh?” I was bewildered. Ooogie had never cooked for us before.

“Uh, perhaps he may need some, uh… assistance,” hinted Uncle Tibbs.

I looked at my watch. It was almost dinner time. My tummy grumbled.

“Yes, perhaps he might,” I said. There are some things even more important than running for president. I followed Ooogie to the kitchen.

“Ooogie, do you need any help?” I asked gently.

“Nooo, buuuut thaaanks,” he replied.

“Because I’m more than willing to help,” I said.

“It’sssss okkkayyy, Ajjjdiiiin. Yoouuuuu juuust reeelaaaaxx,” he said.

“You know Ooogie, I would really like to help. I could use something to do,” I persisted.

“I knowwwww whhaaaattt yoouuuu areeee thiiinking,” Ooogie replied. “Youuu thiiiink I ammmmm sloooow.”

“No, no! That’s not what I meant,” I stammered.

“I knowwww I am slooooww,” Ooogie said. “Thaaatt’s whyy I am coookiiing tomorroooow’s diiiinnnner tooooday.”

“OH!” I let out a little sigh of relief. “Well, do you still need any help?”

“Iffff yoooouu waaaaant, youuuu caaaan heeeelp chooop veeegeetabblesss.”

“And how will we cook them? Deep fried?”








“Then how?” I asked.

Ooogie smiled.

“Sloooow cooooker.”


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