Free Hugs


Hello everyone. I am in a really good mood today so I decided to open a “Free Hugs” stand. It’s always nice to spread some positivity, isn’t it? Of course, I am also appropriately dressed with my “BIG HUGS” hoodie, so let’s see how many hugs we can give away, shall we?

I heard someone let out a looooooooong sigh. It was Ooogie.

“Hi Ooogie, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Sooomeoneeee maaade fuuun offffff meeeee beeeeecause I’mmmm slooooow,” he said.

“You’re not slow, Ooogie. You’re beary, beary, beary thorough. It’s all about how you look at it. And you never give up! Let me give you a hug,” I said.

“Thaaaaanks, I feeeeeel muuuuch beeeeettter,” he said. Then he went on his way.

Wow, that was my very first hug customer! It also makes me feel good.

I suddenly felt a whoosh of flying feathers. It was Miss Feathers.

“Oh, it’s terrible, a real loss,” she muttered.

“What’s wrong, Miss Feathers?” I asked.

“Well, it seems that the early bird doesn’t always get the worm! I woke up at 4:30 am today to look for worms and I still couldn’t find any, so I just had birdseed for breakfast.”

“I’m sure there will be more worms tomorrow. Would you like a hug?” I suggested.

“Yes please! I could definitely use one.”

“Thanks Ajdin, I feel much better!” She flew away.

You know what? This is really fun, but also hard work. It would be perfect if I had a little snack right here —

My mom handed me some lemonade and cookies just then. Wow, perfect!

Next was Parker.


“Parker, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me you are sad also. You’re a dog. Aren’t dogs always happy?” I asked.

“Woof. Woof. Woof.”

“Oh. You forgot where you buried your bone. Hmm, well that’s pretty important to a dog, I guess. But don’t worry, I’ll get you another one. Now how about a hug?”


I was about to close my “Free Hugs” stand for the day when I began to hear a groaning sound. It was Uncle Tibbs.

“Ughhhhhhh… siiiiiigh… errrrrghhhh.” He was hiding behind a copy of the Wild Salmon Journal.

“Uncle Tibbs, are you okay?” I asked.

“The stock market is down yet again. I’m not sure what to do about my investments. The economy is not doing well. Taxes are too high. Unemployment is on the rise. It seems like there is no good news,” he said.

“I think you are beary clever, Uncle Tibbs. And I think you are a great leader. In fact, I think you could run a beary successful company,” I said.

I gave him a hug.

“Thanks Ajdin! You’re right, I’ve had a beary good business idea for a long time. Maybe I’ll go work on it,” he said.

Wow, what a great day of offering hugs! I will definitely have to do this again sometime. It seems like the world needs it. So thanks for hanging out with me today…

… wait … what did you say?

… you need a hug too? Well come here then!




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